In Chinese 10.12.31

In Chinese invites you to put on your learning cap and get to know a fascinating language; all while being entertained by a variety of short acts and the most charming teacher around.

Recommended Program Visionaries - Nakasone Yasuhiro_1.jpg

China Visionaries - Nakasone Yasuhiro

26-Sep-2009 | 174775 viewers

Nakasone Yasuhiro, former Prime Minister of Japan, is one of the few to personal... Expat Curfew Rumor Denied_1.jpg

Expo Expat Curfew Rumor Denied

12-Mar-2010 | 167908 viewers

Police Official Denies Expo Expat Curfew Rumor Absolutely no curfews will be im... to Japan 10.11.01_1.jpg

Bridge to Japan 10.11.01

02-Oct-2010 | 83548 viewers

Bridge to Japan Beat 11.01.04_1.jpg

City Beat 11.01.04

05--2011 | 48326 viewers

First broadcast in 1998, CityBeat now aims at the 18-45 year old, upwardly mobil... 11.06.25_1.jpg

Getaway 11.06.25

28-May-2011 | 36976 viewers

¡°Getaway¡± is a thirty-minute bilingual travel show that is produced by ICS... 360 10.10.15_1.jpg

EXPO 360 10.10.15

18-Sep-2010 | 35824 viewers

Yemen Celebrates National Pavilion Day Spotlight 10.04.29_1.jpg

The Spotlight 10.04.29

06-Apr-2010 | 33791 viewers

The 20-minute news talk show will discuss a wide range of topics including gover...

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