Shanghai Quest 10.03.11

Shanghai Quest is a weekly 30-minute reality-style TV program, featuring foreigners who live in Shanghai - their gains, losses and culture shock insights. The show is fun, vivid and practical. Each episode will focus on one representative character, and is comprised of a ten-minute documentary depicting the difficulties and achievements encountered during their Shanghai quest; a studio discussion ...

Recommended Program Visionaries - Igor Rogachev_1.jpg

China Visionaries - Igor Rogachev

26-Sep-2009 | 163359 viewers

Igor Rogachev, former ambassador of the Russian Federation to China, has spent u... are the chef 11.05.16_1.jpg

You are the chef 11.05.16

17-Apr-2011 | 47622 viewers

You Are the Chef, a fashionable service program with lots of fresh ideas, is ICS... Edition 09.10.23_1.jpg

Cool Edition 09.10.23

29-Sep-2009 | 33959 viewers

Cool Edition, a concept that aims to bring the Chinese closer to the world and ... Talk 09.10.11_1.jpg

Screen Talk 09.10.11

18-Sep-2009 | 27791 viewers

Screen Talk, the first English movie talk show on ICS.Cool movies and hot Engli... 11.06.27_1.jpg

Shanghai_Live 11.06.27

28-May-2011 | 47110 viewers

Shanghai_Live Visionaries - Nakasone Yasuhiro_1.jpg

China Visionaries - Nakasone Yasuhiro

26-Sep-2009 | 174779 viewers

Nakasone Yasuhiro, former Prime Minister of Japan, is one of the few to personal... Expat Curfew Rumor Denied_1.jpg

Expo Expat Curfew Rumor Denied

12-Mar-2010 | 167908 viewers

Police Official Denies Expo Expat Curfew Rumor Absolutely no curfews will be im...

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